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Generator surge protection

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First post so please be gentle esp as we are mentioning the dreaded generator word...LOL


We only wild camp and make sure we are a good half mile from any other habitation before using our generator. We run a busy guest house and even whilst away we need to be on line to check and manage bookings.


We have been warned that our elderly Pilote is prone to suffering from electrical surges and so are wondering how to put in place a surge protector between the genny and the van.


If anyone has some input it would be very useful.


Thanks in advance


Pilote user.

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Use the search facility above and enter Sollatek as the keyword, set forum to "Motorhome Matters", and time to "All dates". Alternatively, go to www.sollatek.com and look for the AVS30 Appliance Guard on their website. It is designed for mains use mainly in countries where mains is unstable, so I'd definitely speak to them re using it from a genny, but on the face of it, it is more or less what you seem to want. The sensitivity is adjustable for both low/high voltages, as is the re-connect time following events.
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