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Side Lights problem with Fiat Ducato base

W Fairfull

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Hi Billy and welcome to the forum,


I'm guessing your Swift is on a Fiat chassis, if not please let us know as this is an essential piece of information to answer your problem.


My knowledge of bulb failure systems is that they are designed to protect the entire system and not just the bulb so after a bulb has failed they may turn off the circuit or likewise if there is a short circuit.


Have you tried getting someone to watch each light in turn as you switch them on to see if all the bulbs work? If not then this would be my first suggestion.


If one light fails to work then check this bulb and if it is OK suspect a short of the wiring to this light which will require further investigation.


Let us know how you get on and hopefully someone with more knowledge of the Fiat (?) bulb failure system will be along soon.


All the best,


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