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Not had a good day today ..... grrrrrr

Mel B

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It started this morning (well it would wouldn't it!). They do say things happen in threes don't they ....


No 1: As we had had people round for a meal hubby had a bit to drink which makes him snore a lot more than normal which keeps me awake, so he'd slept in the spare room so I wouldn't be disturbed and get a good night's kip. This morning he brought me a mug of tea in bed and went back to the spare room; after a few minutes I sat up and looked at the clock ... 6.32 am!!!!! What the ************!!! 8-)


I went into hubby and asked him why he'd woken me up so early ... he said "... but it's 9.00 o'clock" he replied and looked as the little bedside clock in there continuing with ".... isn't it?". I walked into the kitchen and double checked the wall clock ... 6.33 am ... confirmed the time to him and returned to bed ... So that was it, no more sleep as no way would I get off again, so after supping my tea I read for a while then got up etc.


No 2: We then went to a car boot sale/market and afterwards hubby had to collect something he'd won on Ebay which was a few miles from there. So off we toddled and hubby went to the house, but unfortunately the lady had lost track of the days and thought we were going tomorrow so the item wasn't available so that was a of a waste of time. *-)


No 3: Hubby got back in our car and within 10 seconds there was a loud bang and the car shook ... a woman who was parked at a right angle to us had reversed out straight into the side of our car! She had only got into her car a few minutes earlier so goodness knows how she didn't see us there but she didn't - she admitted that she hadn't even checked and as she hadn't seen us at all she hadn't braked so hit us at full force!!! >:-(


We weren't happy bunnies especially since our car is a 10 plate with only 6,008 miles on it!!! She couldn't even tell us her insurance details as she is on her partner's policy and didn't have a printed copy to refer to, only the email he was sent by the insurance company with the docs attached, and being his email account she couldn't get into it. After phone calls to him to get his password etc she still couldn't get in so we ended up waiting 40 minutes for him to get home, at least it was sunny!!!


So our lovely little car now needs cosmetic surgery to its nearside rear wing and door - it has a dinted/creased wing and door and also the door has been knocked out of alignment too so its not going to be a quick fix.



Just what we didn't need ....



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Has hubby dissappeared to the shed then Mel. :$


As others said, at least no one injured, other than their pride.

Could have been worse, at least it's not the Chausson damaged, then you would have been really peeved :-S

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Update - our insurance company rang today to say they'd received our 'on-line' claim and that everything was in hand, to confirm some of the accident details, and to tell us what would happen. Hubby was told we'd have to lay out the excess but then it would be recouped from the other insurance company and we'd get it back, he was also told that if we needed a replacement car to let them know (we don't have a 'loan car' down on our policy as we have the camper and scooters so didn't see the point of paying for something we didn't need). Hubby then got another call later to say that Nationwide Crash Repair Centre (NCRC) would be carrying out the repair work (one of their approved repairers) and we wouldn't now have to pay out the excess and claim in back, and that we'd be getting a hire car from Enterprise whilst ours was being repaired and they'll be in touch on Wed/Thurs to pick us up and take us to their depot to pick out a car (it will cost us £1!) and both of us will be on the policy. Hubby has now also had a text to say that our car will then be collected by Nationwide on Thurs to go in for repair (they'll contact us on Wednesday to sort out pick-up arrangements). :-)


With it being an extra-long holiday weekend, and our car being drivable, we didn't expect this to be sorted out so quickly so if this all goes to plan then I'm extremely happy with the speed of it all!!! Our insurance company is Aviva who, from previous dealings over an endowment are NOT my favourite company, however for car insurance they seem to be very efficient. :-S

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Update ... it still ain't sorted!!!!! 8-)


We decided to put off getting the car fixed until we returned from our trip down to Stratford show just in case it took longer than expected to get it sorted, so it went into the repairers on Tue 26 June and we were given a hire car but as it was a 3 door we eventually managed to get a 5 door Chevrolet Spark instead (this was the car we were seriously thinking of buying before we got the Modus! *-) ).


Anyway, we were told it would be ready by Wed 4 July, as we weren't in any hurry we weren't bothered about that, however we then got a phone call on the Tues to say it wouldn't be ready but should be on Thurs, then on Thurs morning we got a call to say it would be Fri late afternoon ... we told them we'd go on Sat morning (today) to collect it as we didn't want to be doing so at rush hour as it was the other side of Hull and we wanted to be able to see it in the 'dry' rather than in the rain as it was absolutely throwing it down yesterday!


Soooooo, this morning we went to get it at 10.30 am and as it was parked outside, I had a wander round it whilst hubby went inside, then he came out with the repairer's hand-over chap and that's when things started to go wrong, we found:


- the bottom of the nearside rear door wasn't 'tight' to the bodywork with a 3mm gap

- there was over-spray on the bottom of the window surround/trim

- they hadn't touched up the small bumper chip, or the chips on the drivers door which they said they'd do

- worst of all on the offside they'd actually scratched the car near the rear wheel arch and there was some sort of brown paint on it!!!! This must have been done after it had been cleaned/polished as the scratch would have been polished out otherwise.


Not only had they kept it for longer than we had expected, but they had actually damaged it and not done a proper job either. To say we weren't happy is an understatement!!!! >:-(


The chap was very apologetic and made a note of all the problems and said that the manager would ring us on Monday morning. Its a good job we hadn't arranged for the hire company to collect the loan car and we ended up having to ring them and explain that we needed it longer. I did say to the repairer that we didn't think it was fair for the other party's insurers to end up paying for the hire car for any longer seeing as it wasn't their fault that our car wasn't ready when it should have been, and the hire car company said that they'd let the insurers know why we were keeping it for longer who'd then have to sort it out with the repairer.


So, we've still got the Chevrolet Spark - I'm glad we didn't get one as, even though it is a nice car, it would be just tooooooo small for us and I'm sure hubby would have been wanting to change it for something else (been there, done that with a Metro before ... expensive mistake!). We just want our little grey 'baby elephant' back!!!!


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Nothing to say really .... after NOT getting a call yesterday morning, hubby rang the repairers in the afternoon and got through to the manager who had come in to a mountain of stuff on his desk so hadn't got round to our problem; he said he'd look into it. Then the chap who'd been given the job to sort it all out rang late afternoon, checked through the faults and queried something that the hand-over chap had put on the sheet as it wasn't clear (he's on holiday). He then said he'd got it all sorted and would also ring the insurers to confirm what was happening.


So we've still got the Chevrolet Spark ... which is a bit worrying as hubby is quite taken with it now and getting more and more enamoured with it!!!!! 8-) We had to take a load of garden waste to the tip today and it's surprising just how much we managed to get in - nearly as much as the Modus. :-S


One thing hubby does like is that the Spark has reversing beepers (he's always had trouble judging the distance at the back of the Modus and usually leaves it 3ft from the back of a parking spot *-) ) so he's wondering about fitting some to the Modus ... has anyone retrospectively fitted these to a vehicle and if so how difficult is it.

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Yet another update - got a call late yesterday to say that the car was ready for collection, so we arranged to go for it this morning. The workshop manager who'd done the rectification work came out and we had a good look round the car with him and spotted a white mark on the side of the nearside front bumper! The chap wasn't happy at all and basically wouldn't accept that the mark hadn't been there when we brought it in, saying they can't list everything on the sheet (ie logging-in sheet), despite us saying constantly that it wasn't there, he wouldn't have it - we said that the chap that took our car in had been very thorough when completing the logging-in sheet so he said he'd have to check it ... twice ... he just wouldn't believe us, despite the mark being clean and white, ie new - if it had been there previously we'd have spotted it when we checked it, and rejected it, the last time. >:-( His whole attitude was quite antagonistic and I told him again that it definitely wasn't there. He then suggested that it could have happened once it had been finished whilst in the car park by another customer! In the end he said he would touch it up which would take 5-10 mins, so rather than hang around, we popped up to Asda a couple of miles away as we still had the rental car.


When we got back we had to wait a couple of minutes for him so confirmed with the receptionist who exactly he was - ie workshop manager/assistant general manager (AGM) and who was the main manager of the place. The AGM then came in and his attitude was completely different, we don't know whether he'd heard us asking for names/titles of the staff, or felt stupid as it turned out that the mark was some polish that he hadn't cleaned off properly. It wouldn't rub off when I touched it so I don't know what they use, but if he'd been less antagonistic and checked out the mark himself (which he couldn't be bothered to do) instead of accusing us of doing it, he would probably have realised what it was and we'd have avoided the friction with him. I told him that I didn't like being accused of doing something I hadn't and we got several sorrys from him. He then proceded to give us the hand-over paperwork and we signed to say we'd collected the car (it wasn't to say it was okay though), and then a comments form to complete and send in!!! Should be fun completing that but I think I'll wait a few days until I'm not so unhappy with him!!!


The car has had a valet and looks very nice and shiney and I must admit it was good to get it back at last - the Spark was nice and very nippy, but the Modus feels more like a 'proper' car with quality materials being used! :D


Hubby's not totally happy though, he's got to get used to putting it in the garage again with it being bigger and he hasn't got the reversing beeper anymore (annoying bl**dy thing!). *-)

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