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Are you wanting one that is 'fixed' in position on van or one that is 'erected' on site? Having experianced the former on hire vans we went for later, this does conflict with my "pull on the handbrake and whe're ready" philosphy, but I am considering how to shorten the deployment method.
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By "aerial" I am assuming you want a TV digital broadcast one.


You need a high gain wide band one specifically for UK digital TV and for caravan/camper use.


You will also need some low loss co-axial cable.


The connections need to be soldered, a lot of signal can be lost with poor connections.


Have a look at http://www.aerialshack.com/aerials-caravan-aerials-c-153_157.html


Then you might consider a satellite system, Aldi are doing a "free to air" system as a special (there is a post on it on here) for £29, a bargain or what. I used a Lidl version version for years and it worked fine.





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