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Another " NO SHOW " !!!!!!


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I`ve got a classified advert running on here and in the mag ( MMM ).


It`s now in it`s second month and i`ve had 2 " No shows ".


And now it`s happened again, today, 3rd time now and i`m getting a bit

*issed off with this. All day i`ve waited in for them to turn up and something

tells me they are now going to turn up now.


I spent 20 minutes on the phone telling them all about the item and then

gave them detailed instructions on how to find my house. They sounded

very interested and genuine.


Their phone call came up " witheld " on my display but a lot of people do

that these days so you tend not to think anything about that.


I can only presume these " sickos " get a kick out of doing this, i really

think these people should " Get a life " or better still they really should

start " Taking the medication " !!!!!

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flicka - 2012-06-13 8:36 PM


Best put some extra security on the van, if you gave them your address. >:-(



If you have something for sale then you can`t help but give your address.


The van is at the side of my house behind locked gates and is alarmed,

that`s about all i can do.



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Before giving out any info. ask for a name and telephone number or address. That usually sorts the wheat from the chaff.


Then offer to ring them back with your address. Genuine buyers will be happy to give the info. those that are not are not buyers just time wasters I am afraid.





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Guest JudgeMental

nice one.... :-D


Ebay is cheap instant and maximum exposure for only a few quid......I use both MMM and Ebay

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