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Wirral Festival of Firsts


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The 2012 Wirral Festival of Firsts takes place in Hoylake from 23rd June -

> 8th July. This is lively community arts festival with a wide remit and lots

> of local participation - there is something for everyone and literally 100s

> of reasons to come to Hoylake on the main festival weekend 7th-8th July -

> 100 bands, 100 poets and 100s of artists! www.festivaloffirsts.co.uk


Campsites http://www.visitwirral.com/where-to-...-caravan-sites


This event is in its second year and was initially proposed by John Gorman (Scaffold and Tiswas) John is still chairing the management group.


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The first event starts on Saturday with an art exhibition that previously was at the Tate London. This will be held at the Hoylake Holiday Inn,admission free. including a chance to buy a piece of work by a prominent artist at a very cheap price.
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