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How to work out which size safari room for my awning?


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Quick question for owners of safari rooms/rest rooms or whatever you call them.


Our friends have a safari room that fastens to their wind out awning and last weekend it saved the day as there were 10 of us trying to keep out the rain when our vans were just not big enough for everyone.


My question is..... our wind out awning measures 4.0 metres so I am assuming that I am looking for a 4.0 metre safari room or are they measured differently in any way and maybe a 3.6 metre will fit as well?


I know I should research it more before posting on here but you lot are just too good with coming up with the right answer, and pretty quick too :-)


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Guest pelmetman
Well if your happy to have to take the whole thing down every time you want to move :-S...........each to their own :D :D...................but there are plenty of slightly used ones for sale in the back of MMM most months ;-)
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I know they are a pain if you want to move about but it is mainly for when we get together with some friends (3 motorhomes altogether) and plan not to move for a whole weekend, the weather is lousy and we can all just sit around in the safari room sampling different beverages.
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Hi Kev, You have to buy them to fit the length of your awning and the awing type you have, e,g F45i.

If you have a zip awning thet attache with zips at the sides, if not then loops over a pole you attach. They are in various lengths to match yoru awning length, if you get one whoch is shorter then you have gaps at the ends because the end panel only go at the end of your awning.

The following are the sizes for a typical awning (F45i)

The height is also important depends how high your awning is mounted on the Motorhome.



300 Medium 300cm 225-250cm 250cm 14.4kg

350 Medium 350cm 225-250cm 250cm 14.9kg

400 Medium 400cm 225-250cm 250cm 15.4kg

450 Medium 450cm 225-250cm 250cm 15.9kg

300 Large 300cm 251-280cm 250cm 14.7kg

350 Large 350cm 251-280cm 250cm 15.2kg

400 Large 400cm 251-280cm 250cm 15.7kg


Hope this answers your question. If you want more info best to google Fiamma and go to main site or a reseller such as Fiammastore.com or Fiamma Agent.


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