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Hi folks,


I just thought I would ask if anyone else out there is confused/irritated by the booking process/confusing pricing process on the C&CC/Camping in the forest web site?


Over the last few weeks we have twice stopped at 'In the Forest' sites having booked on line.  On both occasions we were confused by the pricing/payment required as displayed on the web page.  On those occasions we paid the price as asked for by the web site without question.  However this time I decided to dig my heels in....I used the 'booking on line' proceedure but stopped short of actually booking, then called the site and then booking centre.  This is what happened:



On line:

Total campsite price

@ 2 nights = £17.40

Grand total price: £22.18
Camping and Caravanning Club member price: £15.18
As a Camping and Caravanning Club member you save: £7.00
Total to be paid now: £15.18

Over the phone to the booking centre: £16.70 (approx because I didn't write it down).


Over the phone to the site direct:£16.20


So we have the web site asking for £22.18 or is it £17.40 or is it £15.18 (plus 2% for credit card payments)................the booking center asking for £16.70 and the site direct wants £16.20.


Having proceeded to pay online I paid £15.48 including the 2% for CC payments.


In essence this booking process leaves me wondering what the heck is going on?  Why is the online process not clear and why is the price different from each of the three booking methods?  In essence reading what is on the web booking sheet and taking the site direct and booking centre prices I have been quoted 5 different prices!!!!


I answered all the questions about occupancy/age etc the same in each instance so why why why can't these two organisations get their act together?


Irritated for now by this process but after a G&T or three on Friday in the lovely New Forest I'll be chilled......until the next booking time comes around.....hehe



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We first found the different pricing last year and they were unable to give a satisfactory answer when we questioned them, so we have not bothered with them again.

It's a shame as we liked visiting some of their sites, but until they can get their act together, they don't exist for us.

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