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Tyron Bands

Frank McAuley

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Guest Peter James

I have no experience of Tyron Bands. nor am I likely to. I have found many motorhome owners to be unnecessarily alarmed at the possibility of a tyre blow out, presumably because they have never experienced one, and so easy prey for sales talk to sell them all sorts of crap that is supposed to prevent it.

I have lost count of the number of tyre blow outs I have had in years of driving virtually all types of heavy road vehicles, and none has resulted in anything more serious than a damaged wheel rim and/or mudguard. Including one on the front wheel of a 38 ton artic traveling in the centre lane of the M1 at 60mph surrounded by heavy traffic.

The general rule with all this stuff is that if it was worthwhile the big fleets would have it. But they don't.

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