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It's going to depend on the design of the light fittings and their position.


Most exterior light fittings (in my experience) are not designed to need a sealant for weatherproofing: normaly there's some sort of rubber 'gasket' that does the sealing.


If you were confident that you'd never need to remove the fittings subsequently, or the fittings were in a position that allowed you to cut through the cured sealant, you could use an adhesive sealant like Sikaflex-512 Caravan (available in white) or Sikaflex-252 (black or white).


Alternatively, a good quality silicone sealant of the type used in the building/double-glazing trades (any number of colours available) - say Dow Corning 785 - should do the job satisfactorily.


Otherwise, there are non-setting mastic 'bedding' sealants like Carafax Caraseal IDL99 (cream or white) though these are mucky to use and the eventual finish is hardly pretty.

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