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Any Idea's please


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On what I should cook in this new oven glass Rmoska thingy ma jig .

I need to cook something fast simple not to hard just really need to know how to use the thing before hols.

So any thing you have all cooked or recipes would be gratefully looked at .might not be cooked but defo looked at :D :D :D

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Hi Michele


We used a Remoska on our 8 week trip this year, and found it very good.


If you have not got the recipe book have a look on line there ae several recipes.


Toad in the hole was very good and quick, just use your imagination and use recipes you already know.



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Thanks david & josie .. seen mel chatting about it a few times thought I would get myself one. saves on the gas and to be honest I don't want to use the cooker it makes it dirty hahaha.


So i will try and cook a hicken in it , its fairly large but it don't look like it will take a whole chicken ? I bought the larger of the two as well.

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or these





Remoska and Top pan cooking


On One pot spicy chicken


Chicken strips

1 onion

1 yellow pepper

1 courgette

2 garlic cloves

chilli flakes or powder

2 cups basmati rice

1 tin chopped toms

1 tin kidney beans

S & P

Brown chicken 4-5mins and take out – Fry onion, courgette and pepper 3mins

Add garlic & spices & rice fry 1min – add chicken back

Add toms and ¾ pt boiling water

Cook for 15mins add kidney beans cook for 10mins


Cowboy Pie


1 tin beans

1 tin toms


oxo cube

1 onion

4 med pots


Peel and slice pots thinly, boil for 4 mins – while these boiling fry mince and onion, keep stiring pots so they don’t stick together.

Once mince brown drain off fat and add beans toms and oxo cook for 5mins.

Put mince mix in remoska and cover with pots, cook for 1 hr. or till pots are brown and crispy.


Keema Curry



1 onion

2 tbsp curry powder

4 med pots

2 oxo cubes

1 tin toms

2 cups frozen peas

½ pt boiling water


Fry mince and onion and drain then add curry powder and well diced pots together and fry for 1 min

Add oxo and boiling water

Put into remoska for 1 hr, could use split pan and do roast pots or rice in the other section. Could put grill section in and do a nann bread in top












Beef Pineapple Curry


1lb diced beef

2 onions

madras curry powder

1 garlic clove

4oz creamed coconut

soy sauce

can pineapple slices or chunks

1 red apple


Fry meat (coat in flour if you have any) Add onion, then curry powder.

Add Garlic, coconut, soy sauce and seasoning. Cook in remoska for 45mins or 30 mins if on hob or Cadac

Finally add pineaple chopped and diced apple.


Corned Beef pie


4 pots diced

2 cans c. beef

2 onions

chopped parsley


s & p

2 tin chopped toms or you can use slices of real tomato

6 slices bread, possibly more for Grand remoska, lightly butter one side


Boil pots gently , watch they don’t mush or join together.

Fry c.beef and onions, add all seasoning

Layer the pan starting with toms, mince toms then mince cover with the bread with crust removed and cut in triangles,

Cook for around 45mins or until bread nicely brown not black. If outer edge catching too soon cover with strip of tin foil


Spanish Mince


1 tin kidney beans

1 tin harricot beans,

1 onion , spanish if poss

1 bay leaf

2 tbsp olive oil

mince beef

1 garlic

1 apple

1 red pepper

1 tin toms

6 green olives

1tsp paprika

½ tsp paprika and of cinnamon

just over ½ pt water


Fry mince, add garlic, then apple, red pepper, toms olives paprika and cinnamon, stir well,

Add both types of beans, can just use kidney if that’s all you have. Cook for ¾ hr in Remoska or ½ hour on top, Eat with pasta, rice or oven chips, garlic bread and Salad.









Caribbean Rice


2 onions diced

1tsp curry powder

10oz long grain rice

just over ½ pt white wine (dry if pos)

1pt boiling water

2 ripe mangoes

pack of cooked chicken diced

4oz frozen peas


Fry onions, add curry powder and rice, cook for 1 min

Add wine and stir, add salt and water cook for 15 mins till liquid almost gone,

Add chicken, mango and peas. Serve with french bread and salad.

Great for Cadac cooking, or inside on hob.


One pot Spicy Chicken


Chicken strips

1 onion

1 yellow pepper

1 courgette

2 garlic cloves

good pinch chilli flakes or powder

1 cup basmatti rice

1 tin chopped toms

1 tin kidney beans

s & p

¾ pt boiling water


Brown chicken 4-5 mins take out onto kitchen roll

Fry onion, courgette and pepper for 1 min add chicken

Add toms add boiling water, cook for 15 mins

Add kidney beans cook for further 10mins


Baked apples in wine


4 dessert apples

1 tbsp raisins

1 tbsp chopped almonds or walnuts

1 tbsp brown sugar, use ordinary if none available

¼ pt or just over white wine, dry if poss

rind of 1 orange and 1 lemon

juice of both

double cream or ice cream


Pre heat remoska , use split tin to keep wine with apples, or small pan with no handle.

Remove ¾ of the core

Mix raisins, nuts and brown sugar and fill centres, put into dish and add wine and juices of fruits

Sprinkle rinds over the apples ,

Cover with foil and cook for 20+ mins, this can be cooking while doing something in main pan, not too smelly, though potatoes would be perfect. Serve with cold double cream or ice cream.


Mandarin Marshmallow Scrum


take two packets of those scrummy marshmallows, the pink n white dusted ones..

Cut emm in halfs (without eatin any)!

Then take two tins of UN|SWEETENED thats in natural juice not syrup of mandarin oranges,and tip into bowl wiv marshmallows.

Then take two lge cartons of SOUR cream and tip it into the bowl and turn it all in until mixed up. ye I know it looks sh@~& at the moment..

Then place it in the fridge overnight to 'set'.

Serves around six people if u greedy sorta folk....its mmmmmm!



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