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Highland Minimeet 7 - 10 September


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Highland Minimeet 2012


On the strength of the success of the Highland gathering last weekend I recommend that you sign up soon for the Minimeet. We had 18 vans, 4 or 5 forums represented, and 40 odd peeps (that’s right, very odd) and 22 of them went to the Dores for a meal. Thank you all for coming and making it the success it was. Quite a record – and an excellent mix of people! We did not have the best weather but it was dry and sunny on the first night for the BBQ and dry again for the BBQ on Sunday, with little wind and only a few midges.


Minimeet Dates: 7th – 10th September

Venue: Brin Herb Nursery IV2 6XD – www.brinherbnursery.co.uk


Everyone welcome, but depending on numbers, we may need to limit numbers of vans/people going to Dores. I already have about half a dozen names down. Usual format – as it seems to work with BBQs and a trip to Loch Ness and the Dores Inn.

We are still waiting for our impromptu ceilidh, so bring your musical instruments. The nearest we got to it was at last year’s gathering when our Dutch friend “Piper” played his …………………… you guessed it, (bag)pipes.

I will be posting more information in due course, but in the mean time if you are going to be around why not come and join us?


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Think I'm talking to myself again, but here goes ........................

Only just over 3 weeks to go............................... 8 vans from 3 forums so far, but hope for more ........................ there is plenty of space.


Proposed plan – although variations considered:

Friday 7th September informal gathering in the Schoolroom - bring your own bottle


Saturday 8th September - BBQ. Bring food enough for yourselves, but be prepared to share it. That way we all get a varied selection of grub.


Sunday lunchtime trip to Loch Ness and Dores Inn. You don't need to eat there, just enjoy the surroundings, but if you want to go let me know as numbers may be limited due to lack of drivers! If you think you could offer your services as a driver for the community minibus let me know - we will need a few details.


All the best and safe travels




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11 vans booked 3 forums represented - But no-one here :(


Plenty of space for more!



Final Plan for the Minimeet – you can join in all or none of the below:


Friday 7th September: Informal drinks/coffee (BYOB) in the Schoolroom from 6pm.


Saturday 8th September: BBQ from 6pm Bring enough food for yourself to cook and share – or if you prefer it bring something special, to share. Barnacle is bringing some lobster - Many Thanks Bill. Donations of charcoal, baps, salads etc are always welcome. And remember your drinks!


BTW the Schoolroom is closed for the season, but if there is a demand we will open for our popular £5.00 lunches and/or teas/coffees and cakes on Saturday from 12 – 4.00pm. Let me know if you are interested, on Friday evening.


Sunday 9th September: 10am working party – to work off the food and drink from Saturday.

Trip to Dores Inn, 12.45pm. Lunch booked for 1.30pm. If you have not already done so, please let me know as soon as possible numbers for the bus to Dores, and if you want to be booked in for lunch. Numbers may have to be limited.


However numbers are not limited for the minimeet - so if anyone else wants to come - just let me know!



all the best and safe travels



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