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Internal Handle on Habitation door

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Reading past posts it seems likely that the cable has snapped, or at least come adrift from the interior handle on my Cheyenne's habitation door.

It's always been a bit iffy, but a few weeks ago something went and the handle now does nothing but flap about!

Assuming that I can get the parts I need from Autotrail, could I repair it myself?

I'm taking the van in today for its annual service on Monday, but I'm thinking that labour costs alone will be high for repairing the door and will likely require a return trip when parts arrive.

Has anyone done such a repair?

The key question is how to get into the door to see what's happened? It's usually a case of unscrew a handle, or prise off a piece of trim. But I don't want to damage anything or remove anything unnecessarily.

Any techies out there?

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