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Sealing a plastic tank fitting?


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This is in relation to my earlier "..tank "hatch".." thread...


Do the plastic bulkhead fittings/flange nuts etc,that get used in the bases of onboard water tanks,require any sort of sealant,tape or sealing washer.. ? :-S


There was slight rotational movement on my drain tap...and on investigation I found that the nut inside the tank had eased off slightly..

..but now having gained access to the fitting inside the tank,I'm unsure whether I should just be tightening it back up..or whether whilst I'm at it,I should be looking at sealing the fitting with something?...


There doesn't appear to have been anything originally...not even any sealing washer under the nut..


Are these "plastic" fittings meant to seal themselves then...?




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Thanks for that Dave...


Yeah,"belt'n'braces" is the way to go,seeing as it sits in the base of the tank...


I've managed to get hold of a couple of large "poly-washers",which when used along with PTFE tape and some silicon,*should* do the job..... ;-)


(..I think it's bit of a poor design really,I'd rather the drain "spigot" was a moulded portion on the tank...although obviously having a "plain" tank is more versatile for the converter/builder..)


Thanks again


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