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solar panel.


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I am thinking of installing a solar panel which comes in kit form. Due to lack of roof space I would have a second SP at grond level.

All seems straight forward appart from a couple of points.

I have two leisure batteries.

Is there one or two cables from the control panel to the batteries. If one cable does it matter which battery the cable is conected to.


Would I need a second control panel for SP at ground level or is it possible to conect it to the control panel from the roof SP.

Hope this makes sense.

All replies much appreciated.

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Hi, A bit more information is required before, anyone could give advice. Are your two current leisure batteries connected together and what amperage are they? What is the wattage of the solar panel, on roof

and free standing? If this is a kit you are buying what is the controller capable of handling input wise ie. from the panel/panels. Is there no instructions with it?

Cheers Iain

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Hi and welcome.

If you have two correctly installed leisure batteries they should be connected in parallel with cable of sufficient cross sectional area to prevent voltage drop so if this is the case your solar panel control unit / regulator can go to either of the batteries and will provide charge to the other one. The solar regulator if using only one, should have a current capacity which is greater than the combined output of both solar panels so if 5 amps per solar panel output, then a regulator of greater than 10 amps capacity is required. Providing the solar panels have protection diodes built in they can be connected in parallel to the solar regulator input connections with cable thick enough and short enough to prevent excessive voltage drop. The cable from the regulator to the batteries should also be thick enough and short enough to prevent voltage drop (this is more important than the voltage drop from the solar panels to the regulator) so consider 4mm cable for this or 6mm if the cable run is over a couple of meters. Don't forget to fuse at a suitable value the connection from the solar regulator to the battery as close to the battery positive terminals as possible. Both cables (negative and positive) need to be of the same current carrying capacity.


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HI Dave

thanks for getting back.

I have seen the solar panel kit on the internet so I have not seen any instructions as yet.

I do have two correctly installed leisure batteries.

The regulator has a capacity of 20 amps.

The roof panel output is 5.55 A.

It comes with 4mm cable.

This appears to concurr with what you have written.

I think we will leave it at one solar panel for now and see how we get on.

Had the camper for 6 years without one!!

I am from the UK but am living in the very North of Germany close to the Danish border.

If you get a chance the web site for the kit is www.Sollarzellen-shop.de

The prices seem pretty good to me.

The one I am looking at is article number.. WATPV 100 12 0 WW.


Thanks for the info.

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Hi, I'm quite new to the Forum, and Dr Dave has covered all you need very well, hope the panel works for you and extends your Wild days. I had a solar panel connected to a stand alone battery for amateur radio

use only, completely separate from the habitation side. In my previous van. Worked very well.

Enjoy your motorhome and perhaps you can give tips on North Germany, have been to Stutgard.

Cheers Iain

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