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On-line Guide to Aires and Parking spots in Spain


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This on-line guide to Aires and Parking spots and service points across Spain might be useful for people heading this way, who don't want to use full-blown camp-sites in Spain:-






It seems to be kept pretty up-to-date by its members.

It's in Spanish of course, but hopefully is easy to navigate, and you can always copy-and-paste any text into Google Translate to get the gist........







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Cracking site. There is a TomTom dowload of POIs as well (and others) .


I have downloaded it but not put it on my TomTom as I don't know what files to put on.


There seem to be several OVP files etc. Anyone got any idea?



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After speaking to Hallii I found the tomtom and other poi lists are revealed by clicking the banner on the site.


If anyone is unsure about how to get the poi's INTO tom tom Way2go has produced a set of instructions which are must haves.


In short his advice is Don't use TomTom home.


Download the .ov2 files (the databases) and the .bmp files (the tomtom screen cons) and save to a folder that you recognise.


Using Explorer, copy the matching .ov2 & .bmp files to the "Western Europe" folder on your device. Then on your device go to Change preferences and Manage poi's to select which ones to display.



I'm on a squiffy campsite connection right now and here's my 2pennyworth which I offer as a result of corrupt downloads


Note that if you want icons to appear on the tomtom screen you need the .bmp file associated with the .ov2 database and these file names MUST be the same.


Typically a corruption may occur if a download fails or is partial. Lets say the file you need is called "filename.bmp" then if it fails and you download the same file again the 2nd file may be named filename(2).bmp


So when you open your folder in Explorer - ensure that the names of these files have not been corrupted and rename them before copying to your device



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