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Fiat Ducato/Citroen Relay Paint


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I needed touch up paint for my 2012 Citroen Relay, colour "Lake Blue" following a stone strike on the "A" pillar on the Peage in France. A large Citroen dealer in Perigeux was unable to trace a paint kit on the Citroen parts database despite having all the vehicle details and paint codes. My local dealer initially said that they could order the paint but then referred me to their Fiat colleagues (this dealer is multi-franchise including Fiat and Citroen). The Fiat parts-person was initially mystified but after some explanation and details has been able to identify and order the paint.

Interestingly there is a plate below the bonnet with the paint details including the colour "lagoazzurro" and a FIAT paint code.

The Citroen paint codes are alpahbetical e.g. KNF and the FIAT codes numerical e.g. "Lake Blue" is 453.

MORAL If you cant find Citroen Relay paint it may be worth trying FIAT

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Guest JudgeMental

had a small but irritating scratch repair done last week by one of these mobile "smart repair" outfits. cheap and excellent result, so much easier to get a tin box sorted then a CB. :-D


the chap asked me how many blues do you think BMW have? I said 50? he showed me colour charts and there are100's if not 1000's.

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