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EH1C cards , some help required please.


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The French Republic was a founder member of the European Community, the forerunner of the European Union (EU). The official language is French.

What treatment is covered and what will I be charged for?

• Doctors, dentists and prescriptions: make sure the doctor or dentist you consult is 'conventionné' - i.e. they work within the French health system. After treatment, obtain a signed statement of the treatment given (a 'feuille de soins') - you can't claim a refund without it. You will be charged for the treatment you receive, as well as for any prescribed medicines, and the amount(s) should be shown on the feuille de soins.

• Around 70 per cent of standard doctors' and dentists' fees are refunded, and between 35 and 65 per cent of the cost of most prescribed medicines. The cost of common remedies and items such as bandages are refunded at the lower rate. The cost of medicines marked with a ” vignette or N.R. is not recoverable.

• Hospital treatment: you must pay for out-patient treatment and then claim a partial refund from the local Sickness Insurance Office (Caisse Primaire d'Assurance-Maladie or CPAM). If you are treated as an in-patient in an approved hospital and show your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), the office will pay 75 per cent or more of the cost direct to the hospital. You pay the balance. You must also pay a fixed daily hospital charge ('forfait journalier'). The 25 per cent balance and the forfait journalier are non-refundable.

Who handles reimbursements?

Local Sickness Insurance Offices.

Send your application for a refund (the feuille de soins and any prescriptions) to the nearest Sickness Insurance Office while you are still in France. The refund will be sent to your home address later, but it may be subject to a bank charge. Before sending the money order, the French authorities will send you an itemised statement of the amount to be refunded. This refund process normally takes around two months.

What documentation do I need to claim money back?

When you are getting prescribed medicines, the pharmacist will hand you back your prescription and you should attach it to the feuille de soins in order to claim a refund. Medicine containers also carry detachable labels ('vignettes'), showing the name and price of the contents. Stick these in the appropriate place on the feuille de soins, and sign and date the form at the end.

Where to get information

Centre des Liaisons Européennes et Internationales de Sécurité Sociale (CLEISS)

11 rue de la Tour des Dames

75436 Paris Cedex 09

Tel: +33 1 45 26 33 41

• Centre des Liaisons Européennes et Internationales de Sécurité Sociale (CLEISS) (opens new window)

Retiring to France – important changes to the French healthcare system that apply to those who are not yet in receipt of a UK state pension or other eligible benefit

The French authorities are changing their domestic rules on eligibility for health care services for people not working in France. This means that some people including those retiring to France from other European countries (including the United Kingdom) and who are not yet in receipt of a state pension or other eligible benefit will no longer be covered by the French system and will need to take out private health insurance. These changes affect people living in France and do not apply to people making a temporary visit to France, e.g., on holiday.

• Early retirees to France: important changes to the French healthcare system


Don Madge very kindly put this on years ago. My question is .If we were to turn up at hospital with one of the children eg, the Epileptic one would she be entitled to care . I ask because we carry so many drugs for her but there is only so many we can give before we get to the stage of needing a hospital . Usually she would be admitted for a day or two and back under control.


We are at the moment in the process of hunting around for a cheaper quote of what has been quoted , this being over £1000 .I would just like to know how much we would get stung for and what it is we are entitled to . Obviously we would not mind in the least having to pay I guess I am trying to work out if we take the chance ?.



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If I understand you correctly, Michele, I would say don't attempt to rely on the EHIC alone! The main item insurances cover is not the cost of hospital treatment even in France, it is the cost of medically repatriating any of you should that be necessary, and my guess is that is why you are getting such high quotes. The cost of air ambulances, ambulances to and from airports, and possibly making alternative arrangements for getting others back home at different times, is eye-wateringly high. Definitely in the thousands, possibly tens of thousands. That is their main risk.


If you have a Nationwide Flex Account, or possibly any of the other bank/building society accounts that include free travel insurance, it would be worth ringing them to ask if you can declare the conditions, and then pay an additional premium to cover them. Since the base premium is on a block basis, and the cost of that is hidden in your account operating costs, just paying for the special requirements may be cheaper then buying an entire insurance for you all. Just depends whether they will be prepared to cater for such a difficult case. However, it will cost nothing to ask, and you may be lucky.

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Hi Michele

I've just posted on a "Chatterbox" thread.



The EHICplus link may be an option for you, but lots of others listed on the link, in the above thread.



Unfortunately it can be a bit frustrating having to seek out which company is best for each individuals requirements.


BTW - hows the progress with the new Autotrail (?)

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JudgeMental - 2012-07-20 10:43 PM


what about your Adria Ficka?


Hi Eddie,

Had a shake-down trip to Cheshire Show, hoping to christen it. Just didn't expect the christening to be with MUD.

Surprised at the amount of storage available, other than the garage (which was the main reason for switching). It swallowed all the gear out of the Autocruise Sportstar & still ample left to play with.

The wife's Electric Wheelchair is now a simple matter of powering it up / down the ramps.


Initial impression on build, is that the furniture is much lighter weight than the Autocruise, hence the big difference in payload. (almost 150kg reduction in MIRO). Having said that, the Autocruise furniture was heavyweight IMO.

I'm still a fan of the Autocruise models, so a tinge of regret having parted with the Sportstar, but the Adria Sport is doing everything it should, maybe just not IMO, quite so classy looking, but any Motorhome is a compromise somewhere & if the compromise is only on external looks, I'm happy to live with that.


Shake-down identified one or two rattles, now eliminated. Twin single beds are a much bigger bonus than we had anticipated, mainly due to the large fixed steps.

Tank full to Tank full shows a good starting mpg @ 27.4mpg, so should improve when we put a few miles on her. Again the on-board trip mpg reading is way over optimistic @ 32.4mpg.

Don't find any difference with the extra 60cms length, although people (non-Motorhomers) say that it looks a lot bigger.

So all in all, considering it was a change we entered reluctantly, well pleased to date.






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Thanks guys , Firstly we should collect the camper on Tuesday with a bit of luck . They called last Sunday to say they were fitting the alarm ,and they called in the week to ask where we would like the Air Con . SO all being well we will collect on Tuesday . We can't wait .

Five weeks ago Fred was in hospital for pneumonia ,nothing to do with Epilepsy . As it turns out we can only insure her for 2 weeks ,why ? we have no idea .

As soon as we tell them she has been in hospital for a week they quote jumps up even though we explain it was pneumonia . Worst case senario is that if she is bad enough to swollow all the drugs we have on board and that doesnt touch her we can at a push give the last drug and drive like craxy for the Shuttle , coming home early . Or we could attend Casualty and ask for the next drug up.

As soon as she has had that drug she usually and always in the past has settled back to normal epileptic Fred ,who throws fits even on her best days .

I was just saying to OH why don't I just buy a normal post office insurance for her and if we need casualty surely that would cover the cost of a drug . I don't mind paying extra for a drug but obviously would need to access casualty . We have the EH1C card for her dont understand why we couldnt just ask the hospital to administer a drug nd then pay for that cost .


Like Brian says its really is not worth the risk but what do people do when you are peanilised and the cost has just gone up costing more than the actuall holiday . Whats the best option ?.


Getting worried now we leave on Friday must do something quick .

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Thanks Dave , No I didn't know such a site exsisted ,never mind we have now had a good bit of news All C;ear Travel came up trumps and this year for the first year in a long time they have changed their underwriters we are now allowed to include her in the annual policy that I always take for the rest of the family. And even better it cost only 800 so very pleased .


Thanks everyone


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