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new renault master -devon tempest or monte carlo


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Would like to compare owners thoughts on the master and conversion.


Just back from 3rd trip, really amazed with the master,35mpg seems easily achieved,despite new engine tightness.Really smooth and quite engine,suspension superb (for a van).


I bought the Tempest to get the New Master having quizzed many owners of previous model,virtually all favourable. The tempest mwb chassis and layout suits us well,having parked in the centre of Bude in free parking twice which no lwb chassis could have.

Advised by Germans campers not to buy Sprinter and Fiat too common,Murvi would have been first choice,but they insist on selling the Fiat,because of discounts available. :-D

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Well i have just bought a coach build on the Renault

It has an engine problem Renault dealing slight delay on small throttle openings

Its giving me 26 mpg less than 500 miles on clock at the moment.

Has a security feature that can lock you out of the MH if you dont open a cab door habitational doesnt tell system you have entered alarm sounds seconds after central locking operates or worse you can lock your keys in.

It has good performance for a 2.3 still running it in but impressed.

Better or near equal to a 2.8 Fiat my last MH.

Front end looks really good

cruise control is very good and cab storage and 12volt outlets well thought out.seats have adjustable lumber and seat adjust in different ways to suit driver and passenger.


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Nice to hear from another Tempest owner. Ours was new last November and is finished in Renault Tempest metallic blue. Ours also has the quickshift 6 speed auto which is superb no effort required!

our mileage is approaching 2000 miles from new and our fuel average is 32mpg. The new master cab is superb in my opinion and what other cab comes with built in tom tom sat nav etc! Keep in touch glad you like me rate this vehicle :-)

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