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Cadac screw in gas cannisters

bolero boy

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Hi, we have a small Cadac bbq/grill which takes the high pressure screw in cannisters.

I have found them here online with the bigger 440g size being sold at 2 for £15 delivered (£3.75 per 220g).

The 220g units are more expensive per unit and large numbers are required to avoid heavy postage charges.

We will get a couple of large cannisters prior to a lengthy trip to Europe at the end of this month but i jut wondered if these are available at (say) Leclerc, Super U, Intermarche etc.



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In France they tend to use the clip on type canisters, or the piercable ones which are more widely available, to get the screw type you'd really need to go to hardware type shops as they're more likely to have them.


You might be better off getting an adaptor to be able to use piercable or clip type canisters:








There's even one that will convert the 'aerosol' shape ones too.

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bolero boy - 2012-08-02 6:26 PM


Many thanks! I'll probably get the 2 x 880g screw ones as they are really good value but may well get the adaptor too.

I might have to consider an external BBQ point but the Cadac is the high pressure one so dont know if this would be OK??


As far as I know this would NOT work - the gas will already be reduced in pressure by your on-board regulator so it is unlikely to be of a high enough pressure to work with your BBQ ... simplest answer would be to change to a low pressure one if you intend to go down that route, or just get a suitable adaptor and buy 'aerosol' type canisters which are much cheaper than anything else, usually £3.99 for 4 and last for a long time, and use your existing one - you can at least then use it at home in the garden, or away from your motorhome.

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