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Maplins - solar panels on offer now

Mel B

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Solar panel prices have dropped through the floor of late and having looked at the Maplin "bargains" - I didn't see one.


Take a look on fleebay there are loads of 'em for far better prices.


Most solar panels are made of of crystals - The most common used for battery charging in motorhomes are either mono or polycrystal - In terms of power achieved for acerage there is little difference between the two. A mono may perform better when there is a dull day but a poly will be better on a sunny day. A mono has a better output per crystal but due to the shape you don't get quite as much area of crystal to a given panel size so for a given panel size there ain't that much difference in power output.


See this for a deal - I got one last year when they were £240 -http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Solar-panel-140W-12V-/221082139138?pt=UK_Gadgets&hash=item337985ba02#ht_1236wt_1032


It is a good piece of kit and does the same job as the much more expensive one's and don't look any different either.

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Hi John


Yes that's the 1. As mentioned I bought this last year at £240 which was good - brilliant now.


The company does a range of different sizes but I noticed some sizes are better value than others.


The only down side is that it takes a couple of weeks to come from Slovenia.

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