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Ducato exhaust trim - the answer?

Tony Norton

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Hi All,


have just fitted a new trim to my Ducato exhaust.


The one I used, polished stainless steel, came from "www.clampcouk.co.uk" and is their part No. STR2IR. The "IR" indicates inward rolled end but they also do an outwardly rolled version Pt. No. STR2OR.


To fit this, an adapter (AD11) is needed as the trim size is exactly the same as the Ducato tailpipe. The small end of the adapter goes inside the trim, it's a tight fit so needs to be tapped in, and the larger end goes outside the tailpipe, after cutting of the flared and rolled end of said tailpipe. I actually cut off about 45mm (50mm would have been better) of the tailpipe, so that the combined length of the trim and adapter didn't leave the exhaust sticking too far out from the side of the 'van.


I put a single pop rivet, (5/32" monel, blind ended), to "belt & braces" the trim to the adapter, and some assembly paste and a couple of pop rivets to secure the adapter to the tailpipe.


The total cost of this exercise would be £8.95 (trim) + £2.59 (adapter) + £5.95 (carriage) + VAT, a total of just under £21. This is less than half what I was quoted (excl carriage & VAT) by one company, and I reckon it looks a lot better than those oversize (to clear the rolled end of the tailpipe) "standard" ones.


If anybody wants to undertake this mod I will happier go into it in more detail.




Tony N


P.S. I intended to attached a picture, but how the hell one is supposed to get a picture down to less than 100KB I really don't know!



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