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Most Outstanding Olympic Performance?

starvin marvin

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Yep - I would agree with that.


And having watched the sailing - i also think Ben Ainslie deserves a mention because it seems certain that two other competitors tried to stitch him up - but he came back to win.


He knew that a protest would get him nowhere so he just took it on the chin and then stuffed them in the final (lol)


Fantastic job!

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For me it's the moment after the 400 metres semi-final when eventual Gold medal winner Kirani James asked Oscar Pistorius to swap name bibs saying he (Kirani) was honoured to have run in the same race as Oscar.

It still brings a tear to my eye to think someone so victorious as James could be humbled by someone like Pistorius.


Hers's a link to a press clipping... Link.

And a video of them swapping bibs... Link.




Edit to add that Oscar Pistorius is also known as the 'Blade Runner'.

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Again - I agree Keith - tho I would not call this a "performance" in the true sporting sense - it was a magnificent demonstration of sporting respect. Not least given that the two participants were from Grenada and South Africa.


As you say this will for me as well forever be one of the key events as it resonates on two levels - first the inclusion of a disabled athlete and secondly the fact that he was a white South African who was asked to swap name labels by a guy from Grenada.






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I was going along with the crowd in the women's shot put final and cheering on the Belarus athlete, Nadzeya Ostapchuk. At least I think they were supporting her when they shouted "Go Nads"???


Now she's been disqualified, I nominate Mo Farah for his two magnificent golds.





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starvin marvin - 2012-08-14 1:28 PM


IMO, bar none. Bradley Wiggins, to win Le Tour then 10 days later support Cavo in the road race and work his socks off.....then a few days later to win the Time Trial by a huge margin is the most brilliant performance by anyone


I wouldn't disagree with Wiggo being nominated as most outstanding individual, due to the tremendous amount of effort he put into the preceeding Tour & Road Race, but overall I think there were many outstanding individual & team performances & not forgetting the coaches.


Of the coaches Dave Brailsford (cycling) must be rated as a Gold Medal performance, but unfortunately the Olympic movement fails to acknowledge their (coaches) commitment / effort. As he has the GB Team's now 2 greatest number of medal winners (C.Hoy & B.Wiggins) under his wing, I'm hoping he may see some reward in the New Year honours list.



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Whilst I wouldn't disagree with any of the nominations for performance above my nomination has to go to LOCOG.


I have to admit that during the preamble for the games I was not looking forward to it at all and wanted to be as far away as possible from what I expected to be a great British cringe worthy disaster. In the event I did watch a fair bit of it and was mightily impressed. This was today brought to a new level.


We are in Germany at the moment and today we went to a supermarket on our scooter. On coming out of the supermarket a man asked me if I spoke German. I said yes and he asked me if I had come all the way to eastern Germany on the scooter - I said yes and my a*se was sore. This started a fun conversation but another guy listening in came over to say "Congratulations on a fantastic Olympics which were wonderfully organised and were brilliant to view". We were well chuffed to be British.


I would also like to put in a vote for the BBC who must have been stretched to the limit with up to 27 live sporting events being broadcast at the same time to over a 100 different countries with the attendant multitude of different language feeds etc.

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Several outstanding performances.



Inside the stadium:


Jessica Ennis - 'cos she's good at everything, not just running.


The man in charge of the lighting.


Outside the stadium:


Bradley Wiggins, for sheer stamina.


For the BBC:


Michael Johnson and Jake whatshisname for not talking too much nostalgic cr*p.




(... but, why does no one ever tell Brendan Foster that he talks too much ? )




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Guest pelmetman
BGD - 2012-08-18 4:43 PM


Most outstanding Olympic performance?


The British taxpayers.


That's a cracker Bruce.................. (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)



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Might go a little way for a short time towards repairing our standing in the eyes of the world but until we go back to doing everything the British way instead of being an add on US state - but only when it suits the US of course - the very expensive memory will soon fade.


That said I too was (am) a cynic but I am pleased on balance with the (outwardly impression at least) way we handled the whole event.


That said - having had enough cringeworthy in the opening farce I made sure that I missed the closing.


Just need the football world cup if we can afford the bribes.

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Well I agree with a lot of the individual nominations; but my votes have to go to Nikki Adams and Luke Campbell: and I'm not really a boxing fan. They get my vote because they are the nearest to being amateurs; which I think the Olympics should be about.

I don't know if boxing was an original (Greek) Olympic sport, but I think it should be there.

I'd personally get rid of "Dressage to music" , Rhythmic Gymnastics and Synchronised swimming.

Tennis and Golf and professional football have no place in the Olympics, that is; unless they will ultimately allow F1 into The Games?


Just my opinion

alan b

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