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Route from Koblenz to Calais?

John  Anne

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We are seeking some advice from anyone who may have done the trip from Koblenz to Calais and can offer some advice or recommendations on the best/scenic/interesting route.


Please bear in mind that we have quite a large MH and therefore mountain passes with steep sharp bends are probably best avoided in order to keep my blood pressure within sensible limits (lol)


Is it true that Belgium roads leave a lot to be desired, along with the standard of local driving skills (?)


Just so that you are aware, we plan to get to Koblenz via France and Luxembourge and therefore we are not too keen on retracing our steps back to Calais unless we don't have much choice.


Any help and advice would be much appreciated.



John & Anne.

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Hi John & Anne

We are doing a similar trip in reverse at the end of the month, going to Trier from Calais so whether this helps at all is up to you. From previous experience driving to / from Luxembourg we will go Calais- Lille- Charleroi-namur- Luxembourg-Trier rather than via Brussels. There is a lot of traffic on the motorways and you can get in jams that take an hour or more to get through, also, as you indicate, there are quite a lot of potholes, IMHO! The route we will take is longer but more scenic and driver friendly and no doubt you can shorten it by missing out Luxembourg however as fuel and drink are so much cheaper there it makes sense to pass through.

have a good trip


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Guest JudgeMental

we travelled Lille/Luxenbourg route on way to Italy nearly three weeks ago and it is fine with no mountains or passes when we went :-D


road works which have gone on for many a year almost complete, and we have not had any hold ups on this route for years......

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Hello John &Anne,

Did this trip in June of this year, do not have road atlas to hand, but on return we travelled through the Mousel on the motorway to Luxembourg, then on to Charleville Mezzier, forgive spelling errors. I then drove to I think Montmedy to visit the hill fort and stayed on a delightful municipal below the fort. If you are not into victorian fortifications it may not be for you. we then moved onto Arras and stayed over night on the aires in the town, a lot to see and will be going back next year. this left us with a easy run into Calias about one and half to two hours on peage to Calias I must admit we were not look oing for scenic routes but to maintain a reasonable pace without going on for ever. Charvelle has a great municipal called Mt olympus with an aires on the marina if you get there early. Short walk to town which is interesting, puppet clock etc. Best wishes Bob

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