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Malvern show


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I was just thinking the same.


Maybe no-one went !


I know we won`t go again, not after where we was pitched last year.


Thick end of £50 and the ground was as " Rough as Hell "


Thankfully it stayed quite dry because if it had rained it would of been

like something resembling the Somme !!!






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We didn't go this year either, went 2 years ago and were pitched 10 ft away from one of those massive gennys that run toilet lights and ran all through the night. Also there is only so much country music I can take. I just wondered where all the comments were such as those that followed on from Peterborough and Cheshire. Maybe it was great and nothing to moan about. In that case where are the praising comments?
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Thanks guys, yes it was a really good show based on all those I spoke to in the Outandaboutlive tent by the day visitors entrance.Certainly the decent sunny weather helped on Friday afternoon and the weekend.

There were quite a few cowboys and cowgirls walking around in suitable regalia to add even more colour and interest to the usual camper-type of clothing !

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Well we enjoyed it - it was the first show this year where on a Saturday evening we could actually eat outside!


Enjoyed seeing all the Western folk wandering around, and camped in their area. Like paulmold I'm not so keen on country and western music, but it's only for one show of the year.


Sorry to disappoint, but no moans here.


Steve :-D

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Hi all

Well we have just returned from the show and have to say we rather enjoyed it.

Im not a massive fan of country music but the bands we saw were excellent and it was great fun to see the line dancing and all the people dressed up as westerners. Some of them make a massive effort to look authentic and are really into it. The motorhome show itself seemed to be rather short of dealers, but there seemed to be a good mix of trade stands and I managed not to spend too much money which is a bonus.

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We too had a good show although working in the humidity and heat was seriously unpleasant, sweat in places I'd forgotten about :-S :-S. Some areas were soft and I did get bogged in on the Motorhomefun field on Saturday afternoon in the work van but the good old trick of letting the drive tyres down worked yet again and I was able to continue within about ten minutes. Country and Western? Well its not my normal choice of entertainment but I respect the rights of those who chose to dress up and enjoy themelves, they looked amazing! I did go to one of the entertainment barns on a couple of occasions and the bands were very goodeven if the acoustics weren't (can't really do much about that though). Real ale at £2.80 pint, What's not to like?



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Well, we went from Thursday to Sunday. We were pitched with the Motorhome Fun guys and gals (yee-haaaaaaa!!!!) which was just about as far away as you could get from the flipping show. *-)


Just a few observations/comments:


Good points


Stands/sellers - There were a lot of stalls/sellers/dealers etc to look round although I think that some of them had opted for smaller pitches and therefore has less stock than at some shows. Some dealers were noticable by their absence, eg Brownhills (no free cuppas ;-) ) but we still found plenty to mooch around ... and of course to purchase one of them which was definitely a good point (although my bank account might say that it was a bad thing! :$ ).


Weather - Whilst it was changeable, and we had a lot of rain for a good part of Friday, Saturday and Sunday were very good indeed and we couldn't have hoped for better really with this abysmal summer we've been having.


Ground - There were a few soggy/muddy stands but the walkways on the whole weren't too bad as there was a lot of metal tracking down. Bearing in mind the amount of rain that there'd been, we expected it to be much worse than it was so it was a nice surprise not to end up in mud up to our necks (I even took my wellies!).


Bad points


Camping - The MH Fun area wasn't brilliant with longish grass and the old very long previously cut grass which had been left on the field to rot which it was doing quite nicely in the sun! We ended up with loads of it, both damp and dry, in our drive-away awning but fortunately we managed to keep most of it out of the van. It was annoying to see that most other camping areas had been close cropped and cleared of the cuttings. The entrance track to the MHF area was quite badly churned up and some large plastic boards had been placed along part of it, but it was still very muddy - a hippo could easily have wallowed in parts of it! (lol) Obviously it was a long walk to the show itself but the entertainment sheds weren't that far away for those who wanted to go to a show. There was a gate at the corner of the field which, had it been unlocked, would have negated the need for people to have to walk out along the entrance track and get muddy. We had intended to take the van out on one of the days but decided against it as we didn't want to get stuck!


Lighting - Some areas were extremely dark and badly lit - I had to go to someone's van after dark to collect something and it was difficult to see - even with a torch it wasn't easy.


Security - This was very slack IMV - on Thursday we were able to drive (accidentally) in through the Exhibitors entrance and straight into the MH Fun area without being challenged at all by any of the show's officials. It wasn't until later on Friday that we saw a security presence there. Despite it being required to wear the arm bands at all times we weren't asked to show them at all - in fact most of the time there weren't any security personnel on the exhibition area entrances from the camping areas. Whilst this may not appear to be a problem as we had obviously paid to stay on site, what it did mean is it allow members of the public/day visitors to come into the camping areas from the exhibition areas ... :-S


Overall though we enjoyed the show, it was nice to meet up with some old friends and make new ones, the dogs absolutely loved it - saying hello to lots of people and playing with other dogs - lots of people wanted to take Tazzy home with them!


We do think that some of those attending the show go a bit OTT though with their western costumes/gear ... the most bizarre thing we saw was a full sized inflatable horse standing next to an RV!!! 8-) The next most unusual thing ... Dave doing some work!!!! (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

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This was our first trip out in our Autotrail Tracker and we had a great time, did not expect to see so many vans and people. The shows we went to were in the main good we had a few dances but not that line dancing stuff far to complicated for the likes of my feet LOL.

Liked the dressed up cowboys and cowgirls added a bit of spice to the event. B-)

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Our 4th visit because SWMBO likes her line dancing and they have some top line dance artists over the 4 nights.


Good bits:

The exhibition area as always packed with everything you never knew you needed.

A goodly selection of MH to browse and dream of owning....and wonder how the heck do some of those monster wagons find places to park up.

Lunchtime and evening entertainment.....excellent as usual.


Bad bits:

Nowhere enough seating in the main refreshments area.  Nice tables and chairs but nowhere near enough.


Not enough rubbish bins.


Elsan point near us had no wash out water for hours.


Toilets near us not serviced regularly and were disgusting.


The 'field' we were put in (one of the C&CC areas) had been used for livestock and was nothing but mud with grassy clumps(very rough and chewed up) which were almost guaranteed to turn an ankle coming back in the dark.  So much exposed soil meant using the awning was not the best experience in the dry and became a 'bog' once the heavens opened.  Had the area been covered in grass instead of patches of the green stuff with bigger expenses of soil it wouldn't have been so bad.


All in all the 'show' was as good as always but the MH parking area left a lot to be desired.  Even the guys who came to fit our solar panel commented on how bad it was.  They had been all over the showground so they had seen most parking areas and were disgusted at the state of the one we were in.


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Apart from the show itself a lot of our enjoyment comes from meeting up with friends that we only see a couple of times a year - at the shows. We camped with the MCC and were in a field with its own toilet and shower block, c.d.p. and drinking water. The showers were good – we’ve stayed at £20 a night campsites with worse.

All in all a very enjoyable few days at a very reasonable price. And we even had reasonable weather!

Cattwg :-D

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After the Northern show a month earlier, it was a pleasure to see so many exhibitors present and I was able to buy things that I couldn't in Cheshire.


As I was in the Cotswolds going round the CCC temporary holiday sites, I didn't camp at the show. As I like country and western, and from all accounts, am rather sorry I didn't.



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