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Damp floors


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When I see someone posting about damp floors I get quite intrested. We have a Mobilvetta Driver 52 which is at moment in dealers having the rear floor repaired. The last time I enquired as to how its getting on the fitter said it looks like wood rot which seems to be there for long while maybe long as from manufacture. As I said last time looking at it he had stripped the rear corner from underneath exposing the polystyrine and the wood battens which he had cut away in preperation for renewing , I do not know at this stage whether the actual interior floor is damp as above it is the boiler and other bits which you cannot get to withoyut taking the boiler and other bits out.At the time of finding the damp I was mortified as in all my last 9 motorhomes this has never happened, however this damp floor business seems to be cropping up more even with more recent vans so do not feel so bad about it now.
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