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Pollensa + Fiamma Carry Bike


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Hi! I'm DIY-fitting a Pro-C bike rack to our Auto Sleeper Pollensa (rear kitchen / bathroom). Although the position of the mounting brackets is obvious (although I've also checked many photos off the web to verify), there seems to be a double thickness of wood at the back. There's the mounting timber which is bonded to the fibreglass, then a void (with insulation, I think) then the piece of 12mm (?) board which is the inside of the back of the van, from floor to ceiling. I can't get behind this board to get to the bolts and nuts I need to mount the brackets to the van. Should I just drill straight through, and clamp between two sheets and a void? Or should I dismantle the kitchen, cut a big hole in the internal sheet, and cover it up afterwards? HELP! Gerald
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