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A Jack the lad


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Working in my garden this afternoon a guy came down the drive with a bag over his shoulder, bright and breezy he said hi, I said if you are trying to sell me something I dont want it apart from that I have only got £1.40 in my pocket.

He then came out with his spiel, I've been a bad lad and been in prison but am now on a rehab scheme and am trying to sell cards and stationary to earn a living, fair enough I said but I dont buy stuff like that.

He went on to say I see that you have CCTV around the place? an experienced housebreaker or what?

The camera's that you can see are a visual warning to any potential scrotes mooching around,

its the coverts camera's and the audible alerts around the perimeter fencing that do the business, nothing moves on my property without me knowing, camera's that zoom in and follow anything that moves.

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