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Starting problems


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Peugeot boxer 2.2 120bhp 2007, intermittent starter batt and terminals ok, but turn key nothing, will not turn over on second or third attempt starts ok. Is there a relay in the starting circuit or could it be the solenoid, can the solenoid be replaced or is it a new starter.
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Only just spotted your post, and I apologise that nobody has answered your query.


The first thing to get checked would be the earth cable between the gearbox and the chassis rail. There have been many issues with this on Fiat vehicles and I have no reason to suspect that Peugeout have a different arrangement, but there are less Pugs on the road and therefore you don't hear as much about them.


In most cases, and even with what appears to be a good earth strap and clean terminals the problem has been eradicated by fitting a second earth lead.


The reason for your problem is that the ECU derives it's earth from the same place and while there is a significant demand for power during starting the ECU thinks that there is not enough power because it is not getting enough itself and denies the starter relays permission to engage. The poor quality of the original earth strap and the location of the connection on top of the gearbox is to blame.


I could be wrong; you might need a starter motor anyway but this is a good place to start and if I am right will save you a lot of money. If I am wrong; you would have needed to do this eventually anyway!


Please let us know how you get on.



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