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Transit seat arm rests


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Personally, I don't think ips's 2009 seats will have 2nd-armrest mounting-points, but, as you've highlighted, it's easy enough to identify by feel whether a single-armrest seat carries a mounting-point for a 2nd armrest, so it would be commonsense for ips to make absolutely certain whether the extra mounting-points are there or not.


No 2nd mounting-points would mean ips following Bulletguy's suggestions that he replace his Chausson's present single-armrest seats with dual-armrest ones, or ips exploring whether the existing seats can be modified somehow to allow an extra armest to be fitted to each.


Have checked and they do noy have the mounting bracket on the R/H side. I could strip the seat and get my fabricator to weld on whatever is needed however I dont think I need an extra arm rest that much so looks like the project is shelved for now.

Thanks to all who contributed

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