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anyone tried the aire at st.annes yet ?


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Hi - previous comments on the forum put me off trying the new aire behind the swimming pool at Lytham St annes.


I asked Fylde council what steps they were taking - see email query and reply below

Any comments from others would be welcome as it appears Fylde council do wish to try to welcome motor home community. I will pass on any views to the council.


my email to fylde council:

I intended visting St Annes for a couple of days last week in my motorhome and regret I spent my holiday money in Clevelys instead.

The motor home forums advise that 'boy racers' in fast cars use the designated overnight parking area behind the swimmming pool as a skid track /race track around midnight each evening.

I would love to visit - and explore your restaurants, but did not feel safe to do so.

What steps are you taking to prevent boy racers carrying out this activity please?

The consultation invitation from motor home users is a waste of your resource as no-one will use a facility if they feel safer parking on a normal road,


THe machine in the car park also has a sign stating £ 4.30 is the longest stay car parking and it is unclear that the machine will recognise the £ 5 overnight motor home charge.


Reply from council


Subject: Overnight Motorhome Parking on St Annes Swimming Pool


Dear Mr R


Thank you for your message. Firstly my apologies on behalf of my colleagues that the initial response you received had inaccuracies. The swimming pool car park, as you allude to, is not privately owned but owned and operated by Fylde Borough Council. Regarding the issue of boy racers I have been made aware of two instances of this occurring. On both occasions I have reported this via our Community Safety Officer to the Police who has previously advised that they will periodically patrol the area. Please can you advise me on which forum you obtained this information as it may provide me with further information to take to the Police. If we are advised of issues then we are in a position to act on them.


Regarding feedback we have received quite a few responses from motorhomers who have visited the area all of which have been positive with useful constructive comments on how to make improvements.


Finally, regarding the meter, I presume you mean the small sign on the inside of the meter itself. This was an oversight on our part when putting the scheme into place and this is the first time it has been raised; thank you for doing so. We will look to correct this.


If you have any further queries regarding this please feel free to contact me again.




Fylde Borough Council


Delivering excellence for the community.


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we also really would like to visit st. annes and stay a couple of nights,but are put off by the comments we have read.also,the cost seems unclear to me...is it £8.60 ( 2 BAYS) during the day, and then £5.00 for overnighting....£13.60 per 24 hours !!! if this is correct,it seems a bit steep to me,especialy as it is virtually just a car park with no facilites.
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Hi, were parked on the aire at St Annes. Lovely carvery in the pub next door £5.99 & we went to the cinema thats part of the swimimng pool building. All seems quiet at the mo, i will post if we get the boy racers.


Forgot to say, we parked on the road where theres loads of free parking then came in at 6pm and paid the £5 for the aire.



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