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Elddis Autoquest Xpedition 400 (Interior Colour)


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I have just purchased my first 'second hand' motorhome, after years of being a staunch caravanner. I collected it yesterday. My first task is to clean it and give it some TLC and whilst warm water, soap and polish are easily available, I am finding it difficult to touch up one or two things on the interior which is now some eight years old.


The Eldiss Autoquest Xpedition 400 interior is what I call teak in colour (see attached picture) and some of the edges of work tops have a few marks/scuffs, in particular the one short edge of the stand alone dining table edge is scratched, probably from sliding about in its loose upright holding in the wardrobe. I would like to touch this up with some varnish or paint or resin, or whatever that elddis used during manufacture and was wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on what to use to get a good match and the best finish. The attached picture file is an example of what I am trying to repair.


Any suggestions are appreciated... Looking at the manuals supplied there is no description, colour codes etc. for the interior - hence my picture attached is the best way I can show the colour.


Many thanks *-)


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Hi Ken and welcome to the forum,


Is the table edge solid wood rather than veneer?


If so it sounds like it may be similar to our Auto-trail and I have touched up a couple of small marks on our work top edges and solid wood doors by rubbing down with VERY fine abrasive paper (600 grit or finer) to smooth out the surface and then wiping over with Finishing oil.

This is a product available from Chestnut Products, and others like maybe Rustins, and is widely used in the woodturning fraternity.


Here is a link to the product... Link.


Do a Google search for suppliers.



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Thanks Keith for the information. The edging is solid and looks like a kind of water resistant coating (obviously brushed on), hence I described it as varnish/paint/resin as it looks like it chips off. Your suggestion looks really good and I will buy 500ml and see how it looks.


Thanks very much for the quick reply. The information in this forum is proving a 'valuable read' for me as a newbie.


I am still reading my manuals that came with the motorhome and the 'mist' of trying to understand how everything works, is now beginning to clear.

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If still available, Ronseal woodstain should work, though I wouldn't rely on their colour descriptions!


I have accumulated several over the years, and fiddle around with a cloth, starting with the lightest first. They are translucent stains, and if too dark when first applied, are easily removed with a quick wipe with turps. The main difficulty is that the underlying natural wood has its own colour, which skews the colour of the stain.


Once applied and about right, I just finish them off with a solid furniture polish in preference to varnish, as varnish raises a whole load of further problems. If push comes to shove, even artists coloured crayons can be used to build up the colour, and then polished in the same way.

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