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Fridge problem


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We have a Laika Kreos 3004 bought new in 2001.

It’s a fantastic camper we love it and want it to last us many many years yet.

But we have a problem with the fridge........... It’s an Electrolux RM6505....... we are currently living in Greece, rented house, so only use the camper occasionally.

Outside temperatures have reached 40 but now 30ish is about the tops but whether on mains electric or gas (we haven’t travelled far enough to know how low 12 volts will go) the fridge only goes down to +17c and the freezer maybe 0 or -1c.

I have cleaned the gas jet, burner assembly and also the flue.

The gas flame is a nice blue and looks the same as it always has.

I am sure there is nothing wrong with the way it works, and am imagining that perhaps it needs re-gassing (if so is it possible?) similarly to having to have the air conditioning re-gassed recently.

Any ideas ?



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This link may be useful




You'll note in the "No (or very little) cooling effect" section the line ...


"A fridge that still refuses to work after this treatment is either going to need replacement or a costly repair."


I've never read any information (or at least no UK-based information) that the type of repair you are contemplating (refrigerant replacement) can be carried out on Dometic leisure-vehicle fridges. It may be possible, of course, but I've yet to read a comment from anyone who has had it done. Suggest you contact Dometic or a Dometic agency for advice.


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Sounds about right to me. They can be re-gassed, providing the pipework is sound. However, your fridge is now 11 years old so it is possible the pipework has corroded to the extent gas is being lost. I somewhat doubt this is the case as, once the corrosion has reached the point at which the refrigerant is lost, I would expect the lot to go, and the fridge not to work at all.


I believe there can be some problem with slow loss through the original fill point, through which it has to be re-filled. Re-gassing is a job for a specialist, as the refrigerants are controlled substances.


I'd suggest first having a close look at the rear of the fridge with the cooling grilles removed, so see what condition it is in.


If the paint is still intact, and there is little to no visible corrosion generally, it is probably worth finding a Dometic engineer who can do the work.


However, if the back is extensively rusted, I think best value would probably be obtained by getting a like for like, or an upgrade of the same size, replacement for the fridge. If in poor condition now it will sooner or later fail, so the cost of re-gassing may only bring a relatively short benefit, especially as you intend keeping the van for some time yet.

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