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Great week - not over yet!

Tony Jones

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We're not usually big fans of UK holidays, but we've had a great week here in Dorset. First, though, we had tickets for the Velodrome on Sunday morning and saw some fantastic cycling. Then on Monday up to Colchester for the wedding of our former "fosterling." Wonderful when someone turns out well in the end! Finally made it to the CS near Dorchester on Tues afternoon (after an overnight "truckstop.")

And what a week - beautiful weather, steam trains, swans, cream teas, and sitting in the sun.

AND IT'S NOT OVER YET! Tomorrow we're off to the Shepton Mallet show, where we've arranged to meet Mel B (or as Liz would say, that woman I have an online relationship with!) & her hubby Chris (& probably the dogs as well).

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Whey-hey ... I met with the Liz and the Rocking Rev today! :D For the ladies amongst you who have a 'soft spot' for Tony, he's still quite 'dishy' even though the hair is a bit greyer than his photo!!! :D :$


They had a quick shuftie at our van and the dogs said hi to them too then they set off to find some grub and see what they would be tempted with at the show ... apparently Liz has a shoe fettish ... not sure what Tony's fettish is but I suspect ice-cream!!! (lol)


Good to meet someone off the forum 'in the flesh' as it were (especially Tony's legs! :$ ) and find out that they actually looked human!!! (lol)


So, Tony, were you tempted to buy anything then ... c'mon own up .... :-S

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Yes, we actually met the fragrant Mel B. And guys, she's gorgeous!

As for our purchases, not a shoe to be seen! Instead, Liz bought a BRA!!!!! And one of those inflatable cushions to put behind her neck in the van.

And we also got a replacement mat for the van shower cubicle.

And of course a pair of second-hand wind deflectors from a couple of cowboys we met when we strayed into the camping area.

Good day really!


But the truckstop we'd planned to use tonight turned out to be just a layby with a portacabin café - always check truckstops on Street View! So we're now on a CS at Ducklington, prior to visiting my mum at Witney tomorrow.

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