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Hi, Currently have a Beford CF pioneer coach build made in 1979 I'm in theposition within the next few weeks to be able to buy another camper we will have around 8K to spend on a new van. I realize that this won't buy us a nice new shiney one but have been looking aroundand seen some hymer 56's imported from Germany ect and that should suit our pockets. We have decided that what we buy must meet the following, 1. Coach built,/A class 2. Late a model as poss (early-mid 90's) 3. Reasonable mileage up to around 80k 4. As big a berth as poss between 5/6 (our CF is a 6 berth and we need a bigger one due to having 2 dogs and a small baby with everything she needs pram ect) We have also seen a few Kon Tiki's ect that might fit the Budget depending on how much we get for the CF If anyone has any idea's or suggestions on what to buy from how/were ect lets hear them (Should be a few on evil-pay now Englands out the world cup Cheers Davy >:-) )
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