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New Facebook page for sharing information on free overnight stops around Australia


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Hi everyone. My name is Cynthia and I have started a new community page on Facebook where everyone who is on the road can post information about free overnight camp sites around Australia.


The idea of the site is for you to post your observations and experiences using these sites. If you have them please feel free to upload photos of the freebies you have used.


It might just be a quick loo stop, a full day stop or an overnighter. Your knowledge will help others to know if it is the right place for them to stop.


As an example we travel in a motor home and not all sites suit us because of uneven ground and the size of our vehicle.


Although we have the books and pictures which are useful to find a site, we don't know what it is like until we get there or until someone who has used it before tells us what it is like.


I am sure you have all finally arrived at your chosen overnighter after a long day on the road only to find that it is nothing like it has been described or that if had you known the toilets were dirty or blocked for a week you would have gone onto the next stop.


So please share your knowledge and opinions. Getting information from someone who was there recently can save a fellow traveller the frustration of arriving somewhere that is just not right for them.


Thanks in anticipation for you visiting this new site and becoming actively involved in sharing your firsthand knowledge. Cheers see you on the road Cynthia :)



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