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vets in Brugge


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Hi everybody.


Can anyone recommend a vet in Bruges? Not sure yet if we are going to stay at the aire or camping Memling - its 6 of one and 1/2 of the other as far as advantages of either is concerned. A vet close to one or the other might swing the decision.


Just on our way back from a great 4 week trip round Austria and Slovenia and decided to have Tuessday & Wednesday night at Brugge to round our trip off.


i have been googling like fury and have a few possibles but some don't have websites so difficult to work out if my data is accurrate. On the basis that personal recommendations are best can anyone help?


many thanks



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We've used the following a couple of times and he's close to Memling Camping, Brugge:


Dr Piet de Laender

Prinz Karstlaan 39

8310 Assenbroek



Tel 050-37-31-33


His English is very good and he was VERY reasonably priced when we were last there a couple or so years ago. Best to ring to make sure he's still there and his 'open surgery' times - it used to be around tea-time I think.



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