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Earls court parking


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Were off to the military tournament in Dec (mini ips is performing in it so were very excited :-D)


Has earls court got its own parking ?

Any pointers or tips on were to park were not to park routes to avoid greatfully accepted.



Will be travelling in the car not MH on sunday morning 2nd dec

Will have mrs ips's dad who is a fit 82 yr old but we dont want to have to walk to far.

He has a blue badge parking thingy can I use it if he is with me and would this help matters ?


Many thanks.

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Ain't searching the web a wonderful thing! :D






Basically you have to pay the standard parking fee, regardless of whether you use the disabled parking pass, however, using the pass would allow you to make use of the disabled bays - it would be wise to pre-book one though.


As you will have your Father in Law with you (who the badge is for) you can legitimately use the disabled parking pass.

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