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A selling query

Mrs T

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Hi - not used them but there were a couple of threads relating to motorhome brokers:






What you have to bear in mind is that you will not get anything like the true value of your motorhome, IMV they are there for people who really need to sell their vans and need the dosh, similar to people who have houses to sell quickly and the brokers who sprouted up to fill that 'need'.

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Not dealt with this company but put my details into the one that sponsors Motorhome Channel on TV (We Want to Buy Your Motorhome .com ) and they offered me £11,000 for a van valued at £28,000.

Said they only buy for trade to sell on. Appears to be stock offer as someone else did exactly same and got same offer. After refusing that, I was inundated with telephone calls, voicemails & emails trying to get me to sell and it only stopped when I threatened legal action for harassment if they didn't stop.



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