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need a cheap (second hand) Seitz window panel 870 x 540


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Hi guys, my wife was a little overcome with to much G&T while we were on holiday in France and she managed to crack the top corner of one of the lounge windows on our Van. This is now filling with water and short of using it as a fish tank it needs replacing. I have mailed caravan breakers in Blaenavon twice and had no response, tried ringing and it just rang out so no joy with them although they do seem to have a huge stock of windows listed on eBay I gave up after page 6 as you cannot search by size. does anyone know of anyone else I can try ? the info on the window is below.


AGS50900X0600 which I know means it is in an S5 frame and is 900 x 600.




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Hi David

Try Magnum Motorhomes (Grimsby) or O'Leary's (Beverley) both have stocks of windows & may be able to match sizewise, It would be wisest to ring as neither show full selection on their websites.






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