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ALKO Air Suspension Update.


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Hi there.


I`ve had this ALKO Air Suspension on nearly 3 months now and i thought this

update might be of interest to some people who are possibly thinking of

getting Air Suspension.


It is fitted on a 2006 ALKO chassis and has the twin gauges and compressor.


I had it fitted at....AS Air Suspension....Warrington.


The total cost fitted was £1,485.00 with no extra costs .


The wheel bearings were OK as some apparently stick on and have to be cut off

and the water tank did not hinder the fitting either. This is important because this

set up requires a " Full Hub Strip Down "


The fitting took the best part of a day, we arrived and they started at 9AM and we

got the phone call at 3:30PM to say it was finished.


When we got back the vehicle was still over the pit and you have the opportunity

to go down with the fitter ( Phil the Owner ) so you can inspect the work he has

done and i took the time to have a good look at the rest of underneath with the

help of a well lit inspection pit.


All looked very neat and tidy.


The twin gauges and buttons are fitted in the little cubby hole in the dash on the

drivers side ( Mk2, X244, cab ) and are very easy to operate and see whilst sat

in the drivers seat.


The compressor i had fitted in a outside locker but that is down to personal

choice and can be fitted almost anywhere.


They recommend a min 3 Bar up to a max of 7 Bar


These are the measurements i now have showing before and after fitting and

i took them at the rear wheel arch and at the tow bar bracket at the rear.


The rear wheel arch at 3 Bar is 20mm higher and at 7 Bar is 50mm higher.


The tow bar bracket at 3 Bar is 40mm higher and at 7 Bar is 90mm higher.


I am using settings of 3 Bar on the near side and 3.5 Bar on the offside to

compensate for the extra weight on the side and it works perfectly for me.


The ride i have found is much more stable especially on roundabouts and

twisting country lanes, motorways have also improved.


One benefit i didn`t realise was the amount of levelling you can achieve when

you pitch and i haven`t used my level-ups since.


Hope this is of help to someone out there.














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