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To Sicily via Slovenia, Croatia, B&H, Ferry to Bari


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I'd appreciate any comments regarding driving through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovia to Montenegro and taking a ferry to Bari. Then driving round the foot of Italy to take a ferry to Sicily. The plan is to spend 2 months, May and June 2013, but this is flexible.


The kind of information that would be helpful is routes/road numbers/quality of roads and any suggested stopping of sites of overnight stops.


Earlier threads mention ferry from Genova as most economic way, but we'd quite like to see bits of southern Italy


From Sicily a ferry to Sardinia and then home. Thanks in advance..

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Not one you have mentioned, but if you haven't already, check very carefully what insurance you can get for Bosnia - Herzegovina and Montenegro. Bosnia should not be too bad, but you may be restricted on time in country, and you may need to change insurer to get even that. AFAIK, Montenegro is a no-no for UK insurers, though half the rest of Europe has no problem. You may be reduced to buying third part only (in Montenegrin legalese, so you won't know what it really covers!) at the border. Suggest you start your research early!


I've also heard some rum reports of the Montenegrin ports of Kotor and Bar, both of which serve Bari. The main problem seems to be hoards of would-be stow-aways trying any and all means to get on board on any vehicle.


We witnessed similar at Igoumenitsa in 2010, and that is in the EU, so can only imagine the situation in Albania would be somewhat worse. Quite amusing watching the endless game of cat and mouse between police and would-be stow-aways while waiting for the ferry (to Ancona), but wouldn't have wanted to leave the van unoccupied for more than minutes. Determined people are very ingenious, even if apparently not always very bright!

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