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MMM whether to go Digital?


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Hi there;

I'm wondering whether to "Go Digital" with our MMM subscription. I wonder if many of you on this forum have taken the plunge. We have loads of clutter around the house without hardcopy back-copies of MMM, so is it worth/easier to deal with MMM in digital form.


Opinions very welcome



alan b


p.s. not seen an MMM survey on this yet

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When you buy a digital copy, is it just stored on the laptop or in the cloud? Such that if the laptop breaks for whatever reason and you lose the back copies, that one might want to look at perhaps.

Don't know whether this is a silly statement, but thought it is an interesting point.

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Did try digital when they first started it,with the promised of being able to download to laptop and store ,but after 6 months it had not happened and went back to hard copy .Did find it difficult to read on laptop.

Now i take out the articles from magazine that i want to keep ,them scan them to laptop and save them on memory stick .Good job it the cold winter months

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Hi Snowie

It's great you wish to subscribe, especially to the digital version of MMM.

And just to clarify - you can read the digital version of MMM offline once you have downloaded it so you don't need to be connected to the internet each time you want to read the issue.

So I am not sure where Frank got his information, but you can certainly download each issue.

But I would advise that you download each one using broadband as the file is large, but once you've done this you can read it at your leisure without reconnecting. This is useful on campsites or when abroad - download a few issues at home and then read them while away on the iPad.


Also your subscription and your record of bought issues is stored with both Pocketmags and/or Apple.

Most people seem to use Apple's Newsstand in iTunes. But whatever option you decide on, if your device breaks or is stolen, you can still recover all your digital mags on another device.

This ability to jump between devices is also useful when travelling. For example, I read MMM and Which Motorhome on an iPad and iPhone while away. Then, when at home and when I want to view it on my laptop or home computer, I log into Pocketmags and view it using the same account.

So in summary, just like the paper version, once it is yours it is yours and you can read it where you want when you want. And you will not lose a copy if you device breaks or is lost (although you may have to download them again).


Finally, there were several questions relating to the digital version of MMM in the latest reader survey, but this has just closed and we're still collating the results.

Hope that helps



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