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Seat Belts - Newbie first question

Rob D

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Hi All.


I've used the search function but not really found a answer!


My wife and I are looking to get a second hand Hymer A Class. Primarily for just the 2 of us but as the minimum size were looking at is 4 berth as we would also have the family with us on occasions.


Why do a lot of designs have 4-6 berths but only 3 seat belts? how are the other 1-3 supposed to travel?


I'm really sorry if this is one of those subject "done to death" before.





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Hi Rob, Welcome I'm sure you will get some answers on this, I am not entirely sure why this occurs but might stem from the fact that some manufacturers have not grasped the difference between a motorhome and a caravan as most of them started off building caravans. So depending on what you are going to be doing with the van will dictate your choice. Good luck with the hunt and enjoy your van when you get it.

Its a great pastime.

Cheers iain

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Hi Rob, welcome to the mad house! :->


A lot of motorhomes have more sleeping berths than seat belts so it is important to ensure that whatever you buy has the number of belts already in it - don't be taken in by claims that you can get extra ones fitted as it is neigh on impossible to do retrospectively. Also avoid any like the plague that have seat belts fitted to side facing settees to give the number of passenger seats you need - such seat belts are lethal.



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Welcome Rob,

The Berths Versus 'designated travel seats' dilema is a long standing one. As legislation has only recently (last 4-5 years) been introduced to make motorhome makers fit more seatbelts to match the number of berths. On a lot of vans Made THIS year, mine included, 3 berths, a designated extra seat with a belt, requires a differant layout (ordered at manufacture) . We are happy with our layout as there is just the two of us, and we won't be willing 'Minders' to any future Grandkids.

But I can understand as the demographic slowly changes (us old farts die off) that our 2nd hand van

will be a problem to a buyer with a family.

As has been said before, don't get 'Side fitted' belts, and don't try to retrofit.

The Hymer may not be the van for you. Look for the required seatbelts FIRST. But you seach WILL be frustrating. Ray

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Hi Rob

Welcome to he forum

We have a 5 berth coach built, which has 4 belted seats and 2 rear facing seats, not belted. It is not against the law to carry passengers in rear facing seats unbelted (YET), but would not advise it.

as has been stated, you will not find a company(Reputable) to retrofit seats belts.

The coach built suits us, as we store the bedding etc on the overhead bed, as we no longer use it, to many trips up and down a ladder at night,to the loo not good!

We find the additional space great for us, as we go away for 3 months at a time, and find we may need warm and cool bedding in that time scale.Also extra clothes to suit the changing weather.

Do buy for your main needs, as we found the family grow out of camping,. (mind you most our grandkids are old enough to drive them selves any way now.)

Good luck on your sesrcch


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