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teeny weeny pvc

josie gibblebucket

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that's really neat! apart from the price!

And before you all dismiss it; when we were in Trogir a few weeks ago (seems like months!!) we camped next to a couple of German ladies, travelling together in a couple of Berlingos. Don't know what "comforts" they had in them, but they were covering some miles.

Not everyone has a partner to accomodate. And yes It would make a good layout for a day-van or a fisherman.


I'd have a go at fitting out a decent used one tho', way too much to pay,



alan b

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Fantastic little camper! A very good price when you note that it is completely NEW - how much would you have to pay for a similar layout, such as a Romahome's R10, R20, R25, Autosleeper's Mezan etc (yes I know they are fibreglass mono types but they are also a lot more expensive!
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