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An awning question


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Hello all... I hope someone can help. I have a 1993 VW Trident T4 high top camper (autosleeper conversion) and I want to get a "fixed" awning for it. I'm happy to settle just for the canopy at this point in time. For those of you who know the model camper, I have a couple of questions if I may?... 1. It seems from pictures of T4s on the web that the awning is attached "above" the brown fiberglass ridge, onto the "hightop". Is this the case, or are the supports actually attached to the brown ridge that I can't see. Does anyone know exactly how it is attached? I would hate for the hightop to be too weak to hold the weight! 2. I was hoping to get the Fiamma "Van 250 Zip", but just the canopy first. Even the canopy is too expensive at this stage, so I want to look at alternatives. Does anyone have any advice on the various fixed canopy or awning types that may suit that camper? The CaravanStore in the long bag seemed perfect, until I realized it would "flop" over the sliding door. Same for the PDQ which was the best solution I had seen around. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts that could help? Thanks in anticipation.
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