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fairweather camper

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Hi Valerie


Are you selecting which area of the forum (on the left)

"Choose which forums to search

(Hold control key to select more than one)" if not the search does'nt know which to search.


I also find it's better to keep the No. of "Keywords" to a minimum.

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The search feature that involves inputting information in the “Enter a search term…” box only operates on the areas of the website defined to the left of that ‘search box’ and these exclude the forums.


As has already been advised, searching the forums involves using the “Search our Forums” option on the Welcome bar.


There is no need to limit the search to a particular forum as flicka suggests, as the default is “Search all forums”. Nowadays, with everybody (presumably) accessing the forums via a reasonably fast broadband connection, and with the forum-search feature being less cantankerous than in the past, a ‘Search all forums’ search will normally be fine.


As whatsupdoc warns, the default for the Date Limit is “Since last login” and this will invariably need changing before a Search is carried out. Beware of the Date Limit changing back to “Since last login” between Searches as this can give a false impression that the information you are searching for is not present on the forums. I did once ask for the order of the Date Limit list of choices to be inverted, so that “All posts” was the default and “Since last login” was at the bottom of the list. This suggestion was rejected on the basis that it would slow down the forums, but that’s nonsense. I usually choose “All posts” unless I’m confident I know the date(s) of what I’m searching for.


I don't fully understand the logic behind the Keywords part of the Search, but it’s definitely less sophisticated than GOOGLE! There is a limit to the number of thread references that the Search will retrieve, so picking common words as keywords is a bad idea. Keywords are not case-sensitive, so searching for threads containing, say, “murvi”, “MURVI” or “mURvI” will produce the same results. Obviously, if you garble the spelling (eg “mervi”), you won’t get what you anticipate.


The Filter by Author feature can be handy. The Author’s user-name needs to be accurately spelled, but it’s not case-sensitive. “DerEK UZZell” will work, but “Derrek Uzzell” will not.


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