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Isle of man


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Hi guys

thinking of taking motorhome over to isle of man next year (not for tt )anyone got any tips,i,e best place to sail from and any good sites on the island.

will be travelling from south wales so i was thinking maybe sailing from liverpool unless anyone knows better.



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Hi Zak,

I spend lots of time on the Isle of Man and i have a map with stopover places for your motorhome, please click the links below :)

If you book from Liverpool the ferry time is a lot shorter than from Heysham but check the height restrictions first for the Liverpool sailing, the Heysham route has no problem with height of your motorhome.

The locals also don't like the cost of the ferries either but that is an ongoing problem with the Steam Packet Ferries having the monopoly :(

If you are Welsh can i suggest you pay a visit to the Glen Mona Hotel where you will be more than welcome and you can park your motorhome for the night for free in their car park, and the owner is Welsh and a great guy!

If you have any questions just ask...



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Our daughter lives on the IOM and as I keep telling her its NOT the IOW they have sunshine you have rain.When we have to go its by Air . I would not give one penny piece to the Steam Packet Ferry for what they charge ita a pity they hold the monopoly as competition is good for travellers . Last flight from Liverpool with Sleazy Jet was just under £100 return for the both of us and of course we get " Free " B&B .
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What ever you do make shure you travel mid week to mid week avoid weekends like the plague it a lot cheaper heysham has the ben-my-chree and is a lot higher conventional ferry also when you are there you might want to stop at peel camp site which has showers wash rooms and launderette plus crockery washing facilities the guy in charge is phill a really helpful guy :-D
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We are booked on the ‘Ben’ next August from Heysham for the Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling which is the new title for the ManxGP.

Any time there is something going on over there the Steam Racket Co inflates the prices and if you are going from the mainland, Liverpool or Heysham they are the only ferry operator. They do offer special prices that are non-refundable, but you have to be quick and book early. Max length for non-freight booking is 6.5m. The Fast-Cat operates from Liverpool and they say they can accommodate vehicles on the ‘Manannan’ that are larger than the web site guide but I bet they charge extra. BTW the ‘Ben’ is a ROll on ROll off, the ‘Cat’ you come off where you got on!

We usually go on the bike but next year we thought we would take the camper so the dogs could come as well.

You will see a lot of wild camping in the IOM and places where permits will allow limited stays like on the sea-front at Ramseys Mooragh Park but the Commissioners now charge £12.00 per season, it used to be free for three nights. The Claddagh near Sulby is another free common public area site but again a permit is required, this one is free.

We visited a few prospective camping sites this August, most were very wet, and decided to give Peel Camping Park a go after hearing good reports about it.

We love it over in the IOM, go on, give it a try.



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i went 3 years ago the sites are like it use to be 20 years ago in the uk over priced and just like carry on camping; take a van with your own facilities and wild camp, ferries cost high unless you go late at night, there is not much to see if you dont like motorbikes and the weather is wet the best months for sun may and june it took me 20 years to talk my wife into going she said it will take 20 years more before she goes again, rain every day and very little to see, but dont let me put you off go and see for your self but be warned

kevin :-(

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kevin hawkins - 2012-11-13 10:42 PM


very little to see (




I appreciate that most opinions regarding an area's attractions are subjective ( including mine) because different people have different interests and opinions but I don't know what Kevin was hoping or expecting to see.


Personally (and I appreciate that this is subjective) we visited 2 very interesting castles and we thought that the museums were excellent - the one in Douglas (free) took hours to explore. Indeed in 5 days we didn't have time to visit all we had hoped to see. We did not have time to go to the reconstructed Folk Museum and the weather wasn't clear enough to visit the top of Snaefell. (I understand that on a clear day the views are superb.)


As regards campsites, the Glendalough site we stayed on wasn't the best we have ever stayed on (or the worst). Facilities were adequate and a new block was being built. (We hadn't gone to IOM for the quality of sites but to explore and visit the many museums and the afore-mentioned castles).


I hope this doesn't sound condescending, Zak, but if you haven't already done so I suggest you check out the ferry crossings and prices (as someone has already suggested) , borrow a guide book from a library, check the IOM Tourist Board website and then decide if you think it is worth vising the island.


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Hi All,

Our experience in motrorhoming on the Isle of Man 2010 for the TT

8 weeks away only 3 days of absolute downpours so no problems there - however local opinion was that the period we were there the weather was exceptional

I would say the island is the most motorhome friendly country in Europe with 2 "official" ie permit required camping areas and almost the rest of the island free to roam and park up

Permit for the camping area in Ramsay now has a £12 fee and last the entire season(no tents)

The Permit for the Claddaughs Recreational area is free and here you get toilets/water and waste disposal (tents permitted)

Huge areas around the coast are used for motorhome only camping as there are not usually any facilities

For the motorcycle lovers you get almost none stop racing/sprints/drag racing etc etc all for free!!! and membership of the National Trust gets you into most of the islands historical attractions FOC, a low cost permit gets you trout fishing at well stocked reservoirs sea fishing is all around

The island is truly beautiful with great beaches/"mountains" and unspoiled countryside


We then had 3 months there this year. a little later in the year MGP/manx two days/Southern 100 etc just as good as 2010 and less than a week of really bad weather


We are already booked on the fast ferry from Liverpool for next year, £240 return - but no campsite fees and only £10 on fuel to get to Liverpool, so its swings and roundabouts with the cost of going over to Europe -


In our case the ferry to France later in the year has only cost £48 return but we will spend £130 on fuel to get down to Dover and suffer the M6/M1/M25 etc but have an enjoyable stopover at the CL at Braunston Marina on the way


We love the Isle of Man and all it has to offer



Regards Ray

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Guest Peter James
Mel B - 2012-11-16 9:48 PM


If you think the cost of ferries to IOM are high have a look at the ones for going to Ireland - they're extortionate! 8-)


in 2004 I got a small motorhome 5 day return Irish Ferries Fishguard Rosslare for £99.

I thought I was robbed because the Irish got the same deal in the other direction for 99 Euros.

Daren't look what it costs now.


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