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A crime or not a crime?


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When is a crime not a crime? Evidently when you are an ex MP and plead depression as an excuse.


Margaret Moran has been found by a Court of Law that she fiddled expenses at levels never seen in Westminster., which is surprising considering the deviousness of that lot. However, the same Court could not convict her of this crime as ‘she is depressed’ and mentally unfit. However, she was extremely mentally fit and able to ‘trouser’ huge wodges of taxpayer money for many years as a Labour MP, maybe that was therapy for her depression as her fiddling included the usual home switching plus getting the taxpayer to do up her holiday home. She also managed to get a property abroad on to her ‘books’. Mind you does it really cost £2000 to get a phone installed in London these days?? All in all £60000 has been tracked so far. Now she stays at home receiving medical treatment instead of being banged up in Holloway. One assumes she also received her ‘payoff’ for standing down at the last election as well.


Of course in a year or so’s time she will make a miraculous recovery and probably appear on the Beeb in some chat show.


So, if you do get caught with your fingers in the till you now have a brilliant defence....depression.


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