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Draft prevention.

Zydeco Joe

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Last weekend we camped out our first time in cool or cold conditions (photographing the seals) and had a cold draft coming from the top of the dometic fridge.Today slotted in the small gap two sheets of card to fill this gap will I still need to buy a outside cover. I have read that you should not fully cover the outside vents and was thinking of only part blocking the top one is this correct.

If I need a cover who sells just one as I have seen them for sale in pairs on E Bay etc.



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'Winter covers' for Dometic fridges are intended to protect the appliance from excessively cold air. Dometic recommends that they be fitted when the ambient temperature falls below +8 degrees C or when the leisure-vehicle will not be used for an extended period.


The covers (as you've found) are normally sold in pairs, but single top covers are advertised here




However (assuming your motorhome has top and bottom fridge vents) you may find that buying a pair isn't much dearer. Try caravan/motorhome dealers as they may keep singletons and make sure that the cover you buy is suitable for your fridge vent.


Draughts from around the fridge indicate that it's not fully sealed from your motorhome's living-area in the way that it should be, and fitting a winter cover (or covers) won't cure that. This is discussed here:




It perhaps needs saying that completely stopping fridge-related draughts may not be practicable retrospectively and, to avoid draughts entering in very windy weather, it may be necessary to park the motorhome so that the fridge vents are on the lee-side of the vehicle.

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Have purchased and fitted both top and bottom Dometic fridge winter covers. Got them via flea bay from Turner Leisure for £12.79 inc postage charge. Very fast delivery ordered Friday afternoon delivered Monday morning. Fitted no problems,have not been out yet to see how they work. B-)
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